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Sofas & Armchairs

We have selected a beautiful range of contemporary designer sofas and armchairs combining style and comfort.

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Altay Armchair by Patricia Urquiola
Godot Sofa by Iskos Berlin

Chairs, Stools, Benches

Discover our collection of European designer chairs and stools. Creative, minimalist, elegant, luxurious, there is a piece for every contemporary space.

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Bench Leather and Marble by Afteroom
DAO Stools by Shin Azumi

Tables & Desks

Dining tables, coffee tables, meeting and conference tables created by internationally acclaimed designers to add style to all aspects of our lives.

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Afteroom Counter Table by Afteroom
Snaregade Table by Norm Architects

Shelving & Bookcases

Designer pieces in solid wood or marble to display books and art we love.

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T-Square by Michael Anastassiades
Folia Bookcase by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

Buffets & Sideboards

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Bump by Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus


Designer Mirrors will add the final touch to a room design.

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Coat Hangers

Designer coat-hangers to bring style where it is the least expected.

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Coat Hanger by Afteroom


Cushions and other accessories to complement our furniture.

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Fish & Fish Decorative Square Cushion by Paola Navone

Shop All Furniture

Designer furniture imported from Europe, combining art and function.

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Monuments Magazine Holder by Dubokk
Offset sofa by Norm Architects