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Rugs 20% Off + Free Shipping

SAVE 20% + FREE SHIPPING. Limited time only. Discover our selection of rugs from Spanish brand nanimarquina, blending contemporary design with traditional techniques and natural materials.

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Hayon x Nani by Jaime Hayon
Tres Rug by Nani Marquina

Decorative Objects

Discover our selection of trendy decorative objects from the European design scene. They combine materials and unexpected shapes with poise.

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Pepe Marble Mirror by Studio Pepe
Folia Vase by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

Cushions & Pillows

Trendy cushions and decorative pillows: comfort and character.

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Square Rustic Linen Cushion Cover by Lissoy

Throws & Blankets

A casual chic collection of throws and blankets to warm up in style.

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Greige Pleated Linen Throw by Lissoy
Pleated Linen Throw by Lissoy


Linen curtains in an exquisite palette of colors. Authentic and modern.

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Washed Linen Curtain Beige by Lissoy

Pots, Planters & Garden

Function and design: garden in style!

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Linen Baskets by Lissoy
Well Watering Can by Anderssen & Voll

Shop All Accents

Our selection features products and textiles blending modern design and beautiful materials.

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Aves by Co Derr
The Seven Night Vase by Tsé & Tsé