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Bowl, Feast, White with Blue Stripes Swirl


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The FEAST tableware collection designed by renowned British-Israeli chef Yotam Ottolenghi and Italian artist Ivo Bisignano for Serax showcases an abundance of colors, prints and positive vibes. “I have an obsession for the O”, Ivo Bisignano explains. “The O shape of a face, the O of a circle, a dot, a double dot and of course: the O of Ottolenghi. The continuum of the O shape is something I find very intriguing.” Apart from the graphic language of the O, the artist also incorporates abstract images of vegetables, an essential ingredient in Ottolenghi’s signature cuisine.
It reflects everything chef Ottolenghi stands for. The various sizes in plates, the vibrant colors and different patterns all evoke the typical Ottolenghi feeling of ‘outrageous casualness’. “This collection is a collaboration nourished by camaraderie and by the sharing of lovingly-made food around a beautifully-laid table. "Ivo's art, in whatever medium, is honest, expressive, bold, joyful and colorful. Attributes we strive to achieve in our food.” comments Ottolenghi. “The plates are like different spices”, adds Ivo Bisignano. “It is the combination and proportion of the different components that will define the flavor.”

Serax Philosophy is to look for beauty everyday, “to bring the good things that make life worth living, the things that create a home that inspires happiness”, to offer products that have soul. Every collection is crafted traditionally.

Dessert Bowl, Feast, White with Blue Stripes Swirl by Yotam Ottolenghi & Ivo Bisignano for Serax:
- Comes in a beautiful gift box of 2 plates
- Made to mix and match with all Feast collection elements to create a joyful table
- ∅ 6.3" x H 3"
- Made of stoneware, semi-glazed
- Main composition: Kaoline, Aluminum, Feldspar, Quartz, Magnesium, mineral material
- Firing temperature: 780°C, 750°C (for color firing) & 1220°C
- Production: traditional molding
- Dishwasher and microwave safe
- Made in China