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Kings' Hall Set

by Studio Saint-Louis

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The Kings’ Hall collection was designed by the studio of French luxury crystal manufacturer Saint-Louis and crafted by master glassblowers and glasscutters. It embodies the prestigious collaboration between the Château de Versailles and Saint-Louis. The Saint-Louis Crystal manufacture was established by Louis XV and it has since produced creations which have adorned the tables of the most eminent Royals. Saint-Louis Crystal and Chateau de Versailles now join hands to tell the story of Versailles on a collection of four tumblers: four Kings who made this castle their own with their style and way of life.

The Kings’ Hall collection presents four tumblers in clear crystal, each associated to one of the four Kings who shed light upon the Château de Versailles as they all made a particular theater of Art and History out of it. Each and every mark on the crystal is reminiscent of the artistic and historic inspirations which defined the corresponding reign. The cut allows a crown to arise. A crystal tumbler for a royal savour, four tumblers as a tribute to 4 kings of France, embodied by 4 crowns:

✦ The Louis XIV tumbler in clear crystal with thin and deep bevels, stamped with the name of Louis XIV, is reminiscent of the Sun King. It mirrors a time of pomp and splendour, a prestige embodied by the most sparkling star.

✦ The Louis XV tumbler in clear crystal with thin bevels, stamped with the name of Louis XV, wears the Rocaille style which defined this King’s reign, as shells are there engraved in crystal clear with thin bevels. These cuts are also reminiscent of the fireworks from a time of festivities and delicacies.

✦ The Louis XVI tumbler in clear crystal with thin bevels, stamped with the name of Louis XVI, is adorned with a wheat sheaf in clear crystal, embodying the Antiquity. Its rural cobs are an ode to Versailles’ bosquets, which flourished then freely, putting an end to the first appeal of the Court for the French gardens’ model.

✦ The Louis-Philippe tumbler in clear crystal with flat cuts, stamped with the name of Louis-Philippe is softened by flat cuts, whose appearance recalls ancient knights’ helmets adorning the War Gallery designed by this very King. The neo-medieval style which was considered a must at that time, enlightens today this powerful design engraved with simplicity.

Kings'Hall Set by Saint-Louis
- In the Set: 4 tumblers (Louis XIV tumbler, Louis XV tumbler, Louis XVI tumbler, Louis-Philippe tumbler)
- Crystal
- Dimensions of the Louis XIV tumbler: H 3.5" x Ø 3.4", Vol 8.5 fl oz
- Dimensions of the Louis XV tumbler: H 3.5" x Ø 3.4", Vol 8.5 fl oz
- Dimensions of the Louis XVI tumbler: H 3.5" x Ø 3.4", Vo 8.5 fl oz
- Dimensions of the Louis-Philippe tumbler: H 3.5" x Ø 3.4", Vol 8.5 fl oz
- Made in France


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Studio Saint-Louis
Studio Saint-Louis

Born in 1586, Saint-Louis crystal vibrates with all the talent inherited from History and extraordinary creative fantasy inspired by current trends. Originally the Müntzthal glassworks, the company became the « Verrerie royale » in 1767 under King Louis XV and was renamed « Cristallerie royale de Saint-Louis » in 1829. Since then, the manufacture has been exclusively devoted to the production of crystal-glass items. The Studio of Saint-Louis designs tableware items, vases, chandeliers and lighting items, which are then crafted by master glass blowers and cutters considered to be among the very best in France. Crystal is mouth blown, hand-cut, hand-engraved and hand-decorated using 24-carat gold or platinum. The Studio of Saint-Louis blends tradition and innovation, drawing inspiration from contemporary artistic trends.