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Blend 1 Rug

by Raw Color
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The Blend rug collection by Raw Color for nanimarquina is a slim, hand-woven Kilim. The Raw Color Design Studio work reflects a sophisticated treatment of material by mixing the fields of photography and graphic design. This is embodied through research and experiments building a visual language.The Blend collection applies the basic rules of color theory and plays with the visual perception of colors, with three available models in which hue, luminosity, and saturation vary. The solid surfaces interact with surfaces that are constructed from lines. These duo toned lines merge into the viewer’s eye to create new colors. Due to this graphic system a multitude of subtle shades are rendered departing from 5 different yarn colors.

nanimarquina was founded in 1987 by Nani Marquina and has been dedicated to innovation and quality ever since, blending contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship techniques.

Blend 1 Rug, by Raw Color for nanimarquina
- Modern graphic design based on color theory
- Hand loomed kilim, 100% hand spun Afghan wool, 100 knots/sq in
- Medium L 7’10” x W 5’7” x H 0.2" or Large L 9'10" x W 6'7" x H 0.2"
- Indoor use
- Can be dry-cleaned, anti-slide rug base included
- Made in Pakistan




Raw Color
Raw Color

Created by designers Daniera ter Haar and Christoph Brach, Raw Color studio specializes in working on colors, across design disciplines: graphic design, photography and product design. Raw Color has created a design language that is direct, energetic and recognizable through experiment and intuition, stretching the borders and definition of design. Alongside their creative projects, Raw Color have been teaching at the Design Academy Eindhoven since 2011.