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Telares Ebony Rug

by nanimarquina team
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Telares is a collection of rugs designed by Nanimarquina Team and born from the persistent search for new approaches that the loom technique has to offer. Hand-woven with Afghan wool, Telares combines the techniques used in kilims and dhurries. Nanimarquina Team created a unique rythm and set of textures through the variation and pressure of the fibers. The changes in pattern result from the tension applied between weft and warp and give the rug all of its nuances. Telares required a lot of groundwork and prototyping to find the desired texture. The result is a looser kilim with a curvy design, unlike traditional kilims that are usually geometric and rectilinear. Its rustic appearance and the irregularities of the wool emphasize the beauty and the authenticity of the craftsmanship. Its curly fringes are noteworthy. Each colorway offers a specific range of visual effects, as a result of the combination of the characteristic natural color of the Afghan wool with a contrasting color.

The Telares rug is made of hand-spun wool from indigenous sheep of Afghanistan. This fiber has a low environmental impact since the rugs are woven in nearby Pakistan.

nanimarquina was founded in 1987 by Nani Marquina and has been dedicated to innovation and quality ever since, blending contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship techniques.

Telares Ebony Rug, by Nanimarquina Team for nanimarquina
- Modern design and traditional craftsmanship
- 100% Hand spun Afghan wool
- Technique: Hand loomed
- Type: Kilim
- Density (knots/square inch): 58.1
- Can be made to order in special dimensions
- Indoor Use
- Made in Pakistan



nanimarquina team
nanimarquina team