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Mélange Stripes 1 Rug

by Sybilla
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The Mélange Collection, which consists of over 20 pieces, was created by Spanish designer Sybilla for Spanish brand Nanimarquina. The Mélange rug collection perfectly combines tradition and modernity, fashion and home, craft and design, past and future. These luxurious, hand woven Kilim (a flat tapestry weave) rugs and runners are made of pure hand spun Afghan wool. Thanks to the simplification of classic motifs such as geometric patterns and a pared color palette, the Mélange is a contemporary version of the Kilim that upholds the ancestral handcrafted techniques of Pakistan. Perfect for decorative purposes and warmth, as a single rug or as a giant patchwork effect, achieved by overlaying the Mélange rugs, this collection will add something special to any home. A coordinated Mélange pouf is available to add to the experience.

The Mélange Collection is offered in many graphic patterns (mostly in black & white) and sizes of rugs and runners: Mélange Zoom, Mélange Stripes 1, Mélange Stripes 2 , Mélange Color 1, Mélange Color 2, Mélange Color 3, Mélange Pattern 1, Mélange Pattern 2, Mélange Pattern 3, Mélange Pattern 4, Mélange Pattern 5. These high-quality rugs are entirely handcrafted, which may result in slight variances in size. These rugs are hand-dyed and color tones may vary a little, which is part of the natural beauty of the rugs. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may alter rug color tone and may even cause discoloring.

Nanimarquina was founded in 1987 by Nani Marquina and has been dedicated to innovation and quality ever since, blending contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship techniques.

Mélange Stripes 1 Rug by Spanish designer Sybilla for Nanimarquina
- Modern fashionable design inspired by traditional craftsmanship
- Hand woven, Kilim, 100% Hand spun Afghan wool, 48,000 yarns/m2
- 2 standard sizes: Medium (L 7’10” x W 5’7”) or Large (L 9'10" x W 6'7") x H 0.2"
- anti-slide rug base included
- Indoor use
- Can be dry-cleaned
- Contact us for custom sizes
- Several eco-friendly treatments available: anti-stain, anti-UV, antibacterial and antiviral (including COVID-19), flame retardant
- Made in Pakistan
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Sybilla began her career as a fashion designer in Madrid in 1983, and in 1987 she started her international career with her first fashion show in Milan, where she obtained an overwhelming success. Her collections, mainly distributed in Japan, are elegant and sensual, elaborate with exquisite fabrics and subtle details.