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Flora Backyard Rug

by Santi Moix
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Flora Backyard is a new rug born out of the collaboration of Barcelona artist Santi Moix with Spanish brand nanimarquina. The artist explores the theme of life and death through his biomorphic flowers. His use of color goes beyond the merely decorative to draw attention to those intermediate processes in the life of flowers, from bud to bloom and decay. Flora Backyard is an exact transposition of one of Moix's works. The name of this rug refers to the wild nature of an unkempt backyard, where the flowers are presented on a spectacular scale. Its textured lines, raised or sunken, evoke the pencil sketches of the painting.

The rug is made of 100% New Wool. Indian in origin, this wool reduces the environmental impact of the product as it is produced in the same place where the rugs are made. It presents a similar quality to New Zealand wool, but with a more intense raw base color.

nanimarquina was founded in 1987 by Nani Marquina and has been dedicated to innovation and quality ever since, blending contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship techniques.

Flora Backyard Rug, by Santi Moix for nanimarquina
- Artistic design and traditional craftsmanship
- 100% New Wool from India
- Technique: Hand tufted
- Density (knots per square inch): 36.1
- Pile height: 0.4"
- Height 0.6"
- Can be made to order in special dimensions
- Indoor use
- Made in India



Santi Moix
Santi Moix