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Matteo Dining Table and Benches Set, White Base

by Vincent Sheppard Studio
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The Matteo Dining Table and Benches Set by Vincent Sheppard will take your summer dinner parties to the next level. The table’s warm teak top balances out its bolder powder coated aluminum frame, which gives Matteo a unique texture and well-balanced look. As teak is well-known for its exceptional strength and durability, your Matteo Dining Table and Benches Set is guaranteed to have a long and happy life. Left outdoors, the color of untreated teak will change to an attractive silver grey, aided only by an occasional washing with warm soapy water in order to discourage moss. The Aluminum base is lightweight, making the table and the benches very easy to handle. Aluminum has a self-protective layer, which prevents corrosion and makes this material very suitable for outdoor applications. It is also easy to maintain.

Vincent Sheppard has been designing and manufacturing indoor and outdoor furniture with exceptional seating comfort and style since 1992. The Belgian company became famous with its 'Lloyd Loom' furniture, a technique where kraft paper is twisted around a metal wire and woven into unique furniture pieces. Through the years, their product range was extended to incorporate other natural materials or high quality and durable synthetic outdoor furniture. All the products are designed and finished in Belgium with a lot of care and eye for detail.

Vincent Sheppard is an eco-conscious company and it received the FSC®-label by the Forest Stewardship Council in 2013: a symbol of environmental, social and economic sustainability. Recycling, the cleaning of wastewater and use of ecological cleansing products are standard procedures at Vincent Sheppard. Solar energy is used to provide electricity for the production process.

Matteo Dining Table and Benches, White Base, by Vincent Sheppard
- Sustainable FSC Certified Outdoor Furniture
- Set: 1 Table + 2 Benches
- Table and Benches: Powder-coated Aluminum Base, Untreated Solid Teak Top
- Adjustable nylon glides
- Two sizes available
- Imported from Belgium




Vincent Sheppard Studio
Vincent Sheppard Studio

Belgium is where the story of Vincent Sheppard began. A small team of passionate entrepreneurs launched the company in 1992 and managed to put Lloyd Loom furniture on the map in Western Europe. Throughout the years, the team grew and the company expanded into new geographies and developed new product ranges with other natural and durable materials. Vincent Sheppard started with the goal of honouring and preserving the tradition and history of the Lloyd Loom weaving technique. To accomplish this goal, a production facility was built in Ciberon, Indonesia, in 1995. Known for its tradition in weaving and bending rattan, Cirebon was the perfect place and is still the main Vincent Sheppard production facility. “Each of our products is handcrafted to perfection by the most skilled craftsmen.” (Coralie Claeys, CEO). The knowledge and skills of the local craftsmen elevate Vincent Sheppard’s products to pieces of art. The designs are made in Belgium and the products are finished in Belgium as well. Painters, seamstresses, designers work together with a lot of care and eye for detail.