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Amalgame Rug

by Réda Amalou

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The Amalgame Rug is a new artistic rug designed by Réda Amalou, for TOULEMONDE BOCHART. Réda Amalou is an architect who has an ability to create unique atmospheres. Amalgame Rug illustrates the importance that he gives to experimentation, constant research in the creative process, from different angles. Resulting from his research in wall art, the Amalgame rug finds the freedom of the designer’s line on a black page rather than a white one.

French brand TOULEMONDE BOCHART has become synonymous with fine handwoven rugs over the last 40 years. Using its own design studio and working with renowned designers and architects, TOULEMONDE BOCHART is known for its exclusive rug design and manufacturing steeped in tradition. For over 40 years, the company has worked with designers to polish their creations in order to express their vision of the present, using or introducing new evolutions in the rug field. The close relationship with the weavers that endlessly renew ancestral gestures in the respect of the rug making tradition is a testimony to the quest of accuracy and design, making the quality of these rugs. With products produced in India and other countries around the world, all rugs are uniquely crafted to complement residential and commercial spaces.

Amalgame Rug, by Réda Amalou forTOULEMONDE BOCHART
- Graphic design
- Hand Tufted 90% Wool and 10% Rayon
- Available in quickship in 2 sizes: Medium (L 9'10" x W 6'7") or Large (L 11'5" x W 8'2") and 1 color: Black
- Contact us for custom sizes and colors
- Made in India




Réda Amalou
Réda Amalou

Réda Amalou is a French architect and designer who described himself as a creator of experiences. With his architectural agency AW2 he strives to create emotional spaces. Since 2013, he has also ventured in the field of furniture and objects design. With each project he tells a story. Inspired by his childhood in Algeria, his early years studying in London or his travels around the globe, Réda Amalou collects ideas and images that will infuse through his work, tributes to craftsmanship and multiculturalism. The materials are core to his work and he likes them rich, textured and vibrant: walnut, bronze, leather, glass, lacquer… Réda Amalou has partnered with multiple luxury and design houses: Véronèse, Baguès Paris, Toulemonde Bochart, Hugues Chevalier, Roche Bobois with whom he often signs unique pieces and collections.