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Dining Chair String

by Studio WM

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The String Dining Chair was created in 2015 by Dutch design Studio WM for Danish brand Audo Copenhagen. Deceptively simple, the airy and delicate appearance of this Chair belies an obsessive attention to details. The thin structure of the wire frame gives this Dining Chair a delicate look and feel. Studio WM explains: "The strength of metal gave us the freedom to push the boundaries and look for the thinnest, lightest construction possible, to bring light into the design in a literal and figurative sense. The contrast between the thin metal wire and the soft pillow creates an urge to touch the product.”

The WM String Lounge Chair is durable and suitable for outdoor or indoor. This set of two Dining Chairs is available in two colors: Black or White. The cushion is sold separately.

Audo Copenhagen is dedicated to producing high quality design pieces with a modern, crisp Scandinavian look.

String Dining Chairs by Studio WM for Audo Copenhagen
- Minimalist and durable design
- Powder-coated metal frame
- Available in two colors: Black or White
- W 20.8” x L 14.5” x H 31.4”, D 19.6”, Seat h 17.9"
- Indoor or Outdoor use
- Made in China



Studio WM
Studio WM

Wendy Legro and Maarten Collignon are the founders of Studio WM - a design studio based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The two started working together right after graduation at the Design Academy Eindhoven, as they discovered their different ways of approaching design complemented each other. Their creative drive comes from a shared passion for detail and aesthetics. Their work field varies from furniture to interior and installation. All with great attention to detail and an intuitive approach to the sensorial experience. Scent, touch and sound are in harmony with the physique, striving to create sensitive and poetical design.