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Paper Vase Janus

by Octaevo

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The Paper Vase Janus features one of Octaevo's signature print : Janus, the Roman god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways to the past and future. Janus is often symbolized by two faces, resulting in two-sided prints for most products bearing the Janus signature print (warrior/goddess). Made of durable and water resistant paper, each side of the vase hosts a different face print. Adorned with gold foil accents, this vase will remind you of history and the blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

Octaevo is a Spanish design studio created by Marcel Baer. Its products are designed to take you on an inspiring voyage, based on ancient philosophy and mysterious Mediterranean myths, with vivid colours to resonate with your soul. Each piece is made to be held close, designed to inspire and to brighten up your day to day, striving for a perfect balance between state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship.

Paper Vase Janus by Octaevo:
- Inspired by the Roman god Janus with his two-faced strong and warm prints
- Made of water resistant paper, 180 gram paper
- Comes in 2 sizes - tall (W 10.4" X H 11.4") or small (W 6.6" x H 6.6") in various combinations
- Laminated and sewn by hand
- To create your vase, carefully cut off the top of a plastic bottle or use a medium-sized glass or a ceramic vessel. Top the container half-way up with water and place it on a flat surface. Open the paper vase by gently pushing in the edges and slip it over the container. Should the paper get wet, simply let it dry. Arrange the flowers and brighten up your favourite spot.
- Made in Spain