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Colors Saffron Rug

by Nani Marquina
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Colors is a new collection of rugs with strong, saturated and energetic colors, designed by Spanish designer Nani Marquina for her eponymous brand Nanimarquina. Its abstract interpretation of nature's colors represents the first plain dhurrie in the brand's catalog. It can be combined with the amorphous flowers of the Flora collection, created in collaboration with artist Santi Moix. The rugs of the Colors collection are high quality dhurries made in India. They are hand-loomed, a manual weaving technique involving vertical or horizontal looms, carried out by highly skilled artisans. The basic concept of weaving is to intersect the longitudinal threads, (the warp), with the transverse threads, (the weft). The yarn is stretched and fastened to the loom to create a taut warp. Working from bottom to top, the artisans weave the weft, creating the different patterns and textures. To create the pile, the fiber is wrapped around a special rod during the weaving process and then cut to ensure equal height. This technique permits a wide range of finishes, from simple and delicate short-strand pile, shag rugs to more elaborate loop pile involving various fibers. The handloom technique is also used to create dhurries, a flat weave with no pile, like the rugs of the Colors collection.

These rugs are 100% made of New Zealand wool. Hailing from New Zealand sheep, this quality wool is cruelty-free guaranteed as the sheep have been treated carefully throughout the entire wool extraction process.

Nanimarquina was founded in 1987 by Nani Marquina and has been dedicated to innovation and quality ever since, blending contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship techniques.

Colors Saffron Rug, by Nani Marquina for Nanimarquina
- Modern design and traditional craftsmanship
- 100% New Zealand wool
- Type: Dhurrie
- Technique: Hand loomed
- Density (knots/square inch): 48.4
- Height 0.2"
- Can be made to order in special dimensions
- Indoor use
- Made in India



Nani Marquina
Nani Marquina

After studying industrial design at the Escuela Massana of Barcelona, Nani Marquina encountered success with her first bespoke textile designs. She launched her company nanimarquina in 1987 with a clear goal: to design unique and surprising handcrafted rugs. The idea of blending contemporary design to traditional rugs was well received and soon the company embarked on the adventure of outsourcing production to those countries that offered cultural value and unlimited possibilities for rug craftsmanship. Nani Marquina with her namesake brand was a pioneer in the field of contemporary rug design. Ever since its beginnings, nanimarquina has been searching for constant innovation, handcraft techniques, and new materials. Working with local and international designers to ensure a diversity of themes, nanimarquina continues to offer one-of-a-kind rugs.