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Aer Vase, Large

by Gabriel Tan
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The Aer vase was designed by Gabriel Tan for Danish Design House Audo Copenhagen in 2019. Inspired by the spiraling movement of air, often seen through smoke or mist, the Aer vase brings a sculptural appeal to surfaces. Offered in two sizes, the sculptural design is ideal paired in twos to display flowers or branches, yet looks equally beautiful as a standalone sculpture.

The Aer Vase is made during a precision process whereby molten glass is mouth-blown into a double cavity tool that reveals the complex three-dimensional shape. The finished design displays different visual characteristics depending on the viewing angle and allows for the arrangement of flowers and branches in two bunches instead of one. When placed close to natural light, it takes on an ethereal feel, where reflections and refractions of light bring the design and the surface on which it stands to life.

Audo Copenhagen is a Scandinavian design house, harnessing the skills of top designers and craftspeople in Scandinavia and around the world to create contemporary design that is clean, clever and natural. These principles culminate in an aesthetic called soft minimalism. Together with its Danish Modernist roots, this concept serves as a foundation for designers to unite heritage with a fresh vision for modern living, reimagining mid-century modern values.

Aer Vase, Large, by Gabriel Tan for Audo Copenhagen
- Soft Minimalist Design
- Mouth-blown Glass
- L 4.1" x W 10.6" x H 19.3"
- Made in Turkey


H 19.3" L 4.1" W 10.6"


Gabriel Tan
Gabriel Tan

Gabriel Tan Studio is a design practice working at cultural intersections. Constantly exploring new ways to work across disciplines, reinterpret tradition, craft or technology. His works have won the Industrial Designers Society of America's IDEA Award, Japan Good Design Award, the President's Design Award and been exhibited at design fairs globally. Aside from his design work, he has guest lectured at Lasalle College of the Arts, National University of Singapore, University of Oregon, Pratt Institute, and also served as a jury member at the Cannes Lions Festival and Core77 Design Awards.